LACES Network

You are not alone!  Sometimes living with lupus may leave you feeling overwhelmed, isolated and depressed.  Having to readjust your life and constantly explain to everyone about your disease can be draining.  Hearing the phrase, “You don’t look sick” does not help much.  The LACES support group understands; we are here to support you and your family, friends, co-workers understand life with lupus.  LACES invites you to read the personal stories of people living with lupus. 

  • Virginia Adams
  • Charlotte Brown
  • Betty McPherson
  • Pearline Miller
  • Beatrice Smith
  • Cynthia Tucker
  • Janis Upshaw
  • Bianca Wallace
  • Thomas Walters

Sometimes being a caretaker of those who have lupus is just as hard.  LACES understands.  Our support group is open to all and we invite friends and family members to share their experience with us so that we can support those who love and support us.  Here are a few personal stories from some of the people that care for people with lupus.

  • Amanda McPherson
  • Bertha Brown
  • Celena Haynes
  • David Miller